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IT Skills Assessment Made Easy

Technically Compatible has been designed to significantly reduce the time spent screening IT candidates and equip HR and recruitment professionals with the information they need to make rapid, well-informed hiring decisions

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Measure What Matters

Weight technologies according to their relative importance and set difficulty levels to easily create a skills test matched exactly to the requirements of your roles.

Streamline Your IT Recruitment

Quickly test all of your candidates and receive quantifiable, objective data that highlights the best applicants to fast-track to interview.

Reduce the Risk of a Bad Hire

Bad hires, especially in tech, have a profoundly negative effect on productivity, profitability and morale. Hire right first time by thoroughly validating technical fit upfront.

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Easy To Use Yet Incredibly Powerful

Built with ease of use in mind, Technically Compatible simplifies and de-risks tech recruitment. Use our clean interface and intuitive workflow to translate your job descriptons into customised IT skills tests with a few simple clicks.

Lightning Fast Workflow

Anyone, regardless of their own technical ability, can easily create sophisticated online IT skills assessment. Start testing in a matter of minutes.

Extensive Question Bank

We offer over 10,000 questions covering more than 120 technologies, from core development languages to infrastructure technologies.

Understand full Skillset

Use multiple choice, free text questions and automarked code challenges to evaluate technical knowledge and practical ability.

Total Question Flexibility

Easily add your own questions, whatever the subject. Mix and match your content with our own for a truly unique skills test.

Slick Candidate Experience

We provide a first class, mobile friendly test taking experience for candidates, complete with your own branding.

Powerful Reporting

Our innovative reporting brings the most valuable insights to the surface so you can make truly informed hiring decisions.

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Automarked Code Challenges

Our innovative code challenges automatically score candidates' coding ability using a sophisticated evaluation engine that determines the robustness of each solution. Playback full code challenges. Every keystroke, compile state and copy & paste is captured. Understand when, where and for how long candidates disengage with any question to carry out some other activity such as researching an answer. Gain unparalleled insight into candidates' thought process and their approach to solving problems.

Insightful Reporting

Beautiful report summaries provide a snapshot of the most important candidate data. Drill down for comprehensive details. From full test transcripts, and code challenge playback, to topic based strengths and weaknesses, our rich reporting data provides a wealth of information you can build your interview around.

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C# 82%
ASP.NET MVC Using C# 70%
SQL Server Reporting Services 55%

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